Built for 21st century learners

Learning on the Go!

Learners can access the platform via iOS and Android apps. Also, download for offline learning.

Interactive learning experience

Modules are interactive with videos, quizzes, case note assessment and peer-reviewed learning.

Branded Certificate

Certificates are issued by accrediting organisation or universities, a hard copy can be sent to learners on request.

Gain insights on learner Improvement and ROI

Coordinate hundreds or thousands of learners across multiple subject areas without challenge with the right tools. Our centralized program management help creates, manage and monitor learners performance with ease.

Tools for ease learning management

Data management with ease. Coordinate enrollment, progress, and engagement for all your learners with an easy-to-use dashboard. Provided with analytics and progress monitoring, we correlate learners with talent manager performance improvement goal.

Enterprise Features

Customer success mentor.

Our customer success team assist with achieving your talent development goals. This is your go-to partner every step of the way. We help you start and keep you rolling.

Custom content curation

With the help of our in-house subject matter experts, we’ll help you customise learning to fit specific business industry type.

Blended learning program

Our team help secure the right blended learning program for your team, with the subject matter expert teaching through webinar and spare45 platform.

Prioritized learner support

Access responsive, prioritized educational and tech support for your organization’s learners.

Access to professional staff mentoring and online consultations

Your team can receive online mentorship from our industry specialised mentors, across the globe. Reach out for a list of mentors in your industry today.

LMS Integration

We support integrations to your prefered learning platform. Our tech support team will assist with your needs in this regard.

Transform your workplace.

Build your Team, Grow your Business

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"We designed the platform for organisations and individuals who desire limitless learning, quality education, affordability and credibility. Sometimes we feel we are far too kind for the quality we offer! Talent managers love Spare45 because we provide quality learnings through subject matter experts and the ability to track learners progress versus learning milestones expected by the organisation for each staff."
  - Olu Ayodolapo Ajao