Accredited Management Consultant Program

Sharpen your consulting skills with up-to-date techniques and tools!

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About this Program

“The art and business of Consulting can be learnt!”

“The management consultancy role is becoming increasingly important in assisting line management to handle the problems of innovation and change. The Accredited Consultant in Management designation represents a hallmark and commitment to the highest ethical standards of the profession.”

Accredited Management Consultant Course will sharpen your consulting skills with up-to-date techniques and tools!

Time to sharpen your skills!

Our consultant accreditation program prepares the professional for the huge dynamics ahead and sharpen existing management skills.

The course is structure to have webinar, text reading, videos and capstone project. Each stage is linked to create a seamless robust knowledge of the subject matter.

What will you Learn

  • Build your own prototype for a product, service, or business design

  • Develop a personal tool-box and managerial framework to effectively foster creativity in your organization

  • Lead strategic decision-making about innovation in order to compete

  • Learn how to design and govern a team, project, and organization


100% online

Start instantly and learn at your pace.

Flexible deadlines

Study on demand at your schedule.

Approx. 14 hours to complete

Suggested: 6 weeks of study, 75 minutes/week


All courses are in English language.

Program Syllabus

Course 1

Objective & Purpose of Management Consulting


    Defining consultancy

    Goals of Consulting

    Vital Assumptions of Consulting Approach

    Essential Skills in Consultation

    Who are consultants and what role they play?

    How are consultants used?

    Phases of Consulting Arrangement

    Structuring your Consultancy and Billing

    Consulting: Issues and Challenges

    The consulting processes

    The present way of consulting and the Evolving scope of contemporary management consulting

Course 2

The Consultant’s Charisma


    Creative Thinking

    Powerful Questions And Listening

    Cross Cultural Competency

    Project Leadership

    Working on Teams

    Consulting Basics

    Coaching Clients

    Effective Meetings and Conflict Management

    Conflict Management

    Leading Through Influence

    Problem Solving

Course 3

The Consulting Industry


    Range of services provided

    The Generalist and specialist consulting roles

    Types of consulting organization

    Internal consultants

    Management consulting in various professions

    C&C relationship (Consultant & Client relationship)

    Who is client to consultant and consultant to client

    The client and the consultant relationship development

    Pitching your client

    Counselling and coaching as tools of consulting

Course 4

Cultural Influence on Consulting


    What is culture and how it influences consultancy

    Managing cultural influences in consulting

    Cross Cultural Competent Consultant

    Professionalism and ethics in consulting

    Consulting- as a highly demanded profession of today

    The professional demeanor of consultants

    An ethical consultant

    The professional rhythm of consultants

Course 5

Cultural Influence on Consulting


The meet and greet handshake

    Initial meeting

    Problem identification and screening

    Terms of references

    Consulting strategy and plan

    Proposal to the client

    The consulting contract


    Conceptual framework of diagnosis

    Diagnosing purposes and problems

    Information collection & Data analysis

    Feedback to the client & furthering the consulting

    Searching for possible solutions

    Developing and evaluating alternatives

    Action proposal submission to the client


    The consultant’s role in implementation

    Planning and monitoring implementation

    Training and developing client staff

    Maintenance and control of the new practice


    The adjourning phase

    Evaluation & Follow-up

    Final Consulting Reports to Client

Course 6

Managing a Consulting Firm


    Fundamentals of management in the consulting profession

    The management challenge of the professions

    How to manage a professional service or business

Course 7

Strategic Consulting Management


    The strategic approach to Consultancy Management

    Scope of focused client services

    Multiplying Client base

    Consultancy Business Growth Strategies

    The cross-border expansions… Going local to international to global to go local

    Goodwill & image building of the consulting firm

    Practicing strategic consulting management

    Managing the business of consulting firm

Course 8

Strategic Marketing of Consulting Services


    The marketing side of a consulting firm

    Strategies for marketing the consulting business

    Tactics & Strategies for marketing consulting assignments

    Building new Clientele …. the prospects

    Maintaining the existing clientele …. Winning the loyalty

    The journey from loyal clientele to advocate clientele ….. the consulting ambassadors

    Managing the marketing process

Course 9

Consulting Finacials


    Strategic approach -cash generating activities

    The costing side of consulting services

    Market considerations & selecting your pricing strategy

    Consulting fee methods

    Invoicing clients, payment terms and payment collection

    Controlling costs and budgets

Course 10

TQM in Consulting


    Quality management & sustaining the quality

Course 11

11. Developing Consultants and the Consulting Profession


    Training and development of consultants

    Professional development in consulting

    Facilitating skills

    Communication strategies for consulting

    Training of new consultants


Kevin Pitts

Associate Professor
Strategic Management and Business Consultant

Farah Akbar

Associate Professor
Marketing, Communication & Research

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is an executive program, a certificate of completion will be issued by Tufts Management School.

Yes. We can make available an endorsed certificate by mail. This will cost a token, kindly contact the faculty team before the completion of the program.

Yes. You can reply the online classes if you missed any detail in the session.

Yes. We encourage team learning and participation. You will be required to enroll on a SPARE45 Team or SPARE45 Business account to benefit discounted offer for the team or organization.