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We create unlimited possibilities in learning today and for tommorrow. For everyone, anywhere and anytime. Transforming lifes and businesses


Spare45 the online education and professional accreditation platform. We know the traditional classrooms are limiting, through our online education curriculum the walls are taken away, enabling learning anywhere, everywhere anytime.. transforming life's!

Spare45 provides global access to the best education in management, leadership, finance, business and technology, in association with reputable organisations and universities.


For every course on Spare45, learning is reinforced using the VARK learning style taking care of the visual, auditory (aural), read-write and kinaesthetic learners. This include videos, assessments, class chat features and webinars. Electronic certificates are issued after successful completion of each course.

  • Online and flexible self-paced programs
  • Certificate of competition issued

Accreditation Program

To earn specialisation accreditation certificate, join our accreditation program. An intense online class leading to award of professional accreditation from international awarding bodies. This include intense online lectures, videos, project work, and assessment.

  • Online and flexible self-paced programs
  • Accreditation certificate and document issued
about spare45


Spare45 is an accredited partner with top universities and management / business school globally.

Recognise university degrees are offered as online pathway program with a top up with partners. These degree programs can be completed within 2-3 years.

Pricing Model

Spare45 is a unique learning platform deriving her name from the pricing model, we are asking learners to spare $45 or equivalent for a course. A quarterly subscription of $0.45 or equivalent is charged on active accounts, which allow learners access some free courses within the active quarter. For accreditation programs and degree programs, they are tagged multi-modular, therefore $45 are charged for each of their courses.

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Spare45 curriculum is built in collaboration with the world’s most innovative organizations and individuals. Spare45 courses promotes fluency in management, leadership, finance, business and technology.

Lead the Management Disruption

Catch up with the rapid increase in management. Employees must acquire, and constantly update, critical skills.

Nurture Critical Skills

Across the organisation functional areas need to be nurtured, the best of staff are raise, they are never bought!

Talent Gap Management
Talent Gap Management

If you don’t train them, don’t blame them! Train and retraining your existing workforce is the most beneficial approach to building an organisation of the future, and fortify against the shortage of quality workforce today!

Budget versus Quality Training

Most time you it’s challenging getting an education platform to fit for good team or individual budget and quality education. Spare45 is you best fit.